Learn to lead with compassion, confidence, and a sense of direction!

The Effective Engineering Manager Course

 July 5-6, 2023

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What will you learn?

The 2-day course, held on Zoom, uses role-playing exercises to help engineering managers master boss ceremonies in software development.

You will learn how to:

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Build a high-functioning dev team through hiring, onboarding, and firing.

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Empower your engineers with feedback that actually helps them grow.

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Reward, promote, and recognize your best developers.

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Resolve conflict and build trust with your developers, and so much more!

Learn from experts in software engineering management

Join our hands-on, instructor-facilitated course to become the engineering manager every software developer deserves!


Tomasz Korzeniowski

With more than 20 years of experience as an engineering manager, including 14 years running his own successful software house, Tomek brings a wealth of expertise to the table. He has led large development teams of up to 30 engineers in both Big Pharma and at several successful startups.

Tomek's passion for engineering leadership was ignited during his time at Polar Rose, a company that was later acquired by Apple. There, he developed a deep understanding of the importance of building and leading high-performing teams. His experience has taught him the value of clear communication, effective collaboration, and empowering his team to take ownership of their work.



Marta Łakomska

Marta is a seasoned design leader with over 15 years of experience managing high-performing teams. Currently, as a Partner and Director of Design at one of Europe's largest software agencies, Marta brings her extensive knowledge and expertise to help clients achieve their goals.

With a track record of delivering successful design projects for major international clients like WW, Glassdoor, and Zen, Marta is a skilled leader who knows how to navigate complex design challenges. Her leadership style is rooted in building strong relationships with her team, while also fostering an environment of creativity and innovation.



Krzysztof Malinowski

Krzysztof is a product owner with a true passion for management. Throughout his career, Krzysztof has been responsible for the delivery of numerous successful digital products for companies of all sizes.

As an advocate of Grove's management style, Krzysztof is a firm believer in the power of 1:1 meetings and regularly schedules them with his team to foster strong communication and build relationships. He is also a seasoned facilitator of "boss ceremonies," bringing teams together to discuss their progress and plan for the future.

Krzysztof's leadership style is rooted in clear communication, open feedback, and trust.